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General guidelines

All references and calls to external resources must be absolute and fethed over SSL/TSL, which means that it begins with https://
Used domains must have valid SSL-certificates.

Ads must work in web browser versions listed below, which has to be tested and ensured by the ad producer:
- Internet Explorer
  • - Mozilla Firefox
  • - Safari
  • - Opera
  • - Google Chrome

  • Sound is only to be activated by a click - not mouse over.
  • The sound must have an on/off button.

  • The ad material must be handed in to DN no later than:
  • * 3 working days before the campaign starts for regular ad formats
  • * 5-15 workingdays before the campaign starts for special formats
  • (contact Adops for further information)

  • If the ad material is submitted to late we cannot grant you the wished campaign start.

  • The ad material is mailed to kampanjsupport@dn.se
  • State information below when you deliver ad material:
  • - What advertiser and campaign the ad material refer to
  • - Start- and stop date
  • - Landing-URL's
  • - Contactperson and contactinformation

  • Other demands
  • The ad producer is resposible for the functionalaties and design of the ad.
  • The ad must not be designed in a way that it can be mistaken for editorial content.
  • The material must not contain code that can be damaging to the user.

Video Ads

Format: Video file in optional file format in dimensions 16:9.

Sound: The video may include sound. It will always play without sound when started, with the option for the visitor to enable sound.

Click link: Besides the video file, we need a landing-URL for clicks.

Welcome Page / Massive

Is always delivered with a frequency of 1 per day.

Max size display: 300kB
Max size video: 2000kB

The material has to be responsive. It means that the ad adjusts accordingly to size of the webreader window's inner size (viewport), with sustained viewability and functionality. Remember that a webreader window's viewport has a wider aspect ratio than screen resolutions, when also accounting for the os and the web readers toolbar.

Sound must be activated by a mouse click - not mouse over. The sound must have an on/off button.

Rollercoaster mobile

Rollercoaster is a Rich Media format that consist of two images that splits a site in half and expands in full screen as the consumer navigates down- wards. If the consumer continues scrolling downwards, the site disappears upwards. The two images in the ad move independently of each other, creating a feeling of depth. The format can also be closed by clicking on a “Close” button.

Adsscore 2.0
Adssets can measure (among other things):
- Impressions - Unique impressions - CTR/CTA
- Engaging impressions (engagement)
- Viewable impressions (in screen)
- Viewable time (in screen time) - Engaging time (dwell time)
- External link (CTR)

- 1 background image in 640x1024 px, in jpg or png and max 40kb
- 1 foreground image in 640x1024 px, in png with transparent background and max 100 kb.*
- Click links and measurements tags

*Please place important content in the foreground image.

HTML5 ad material

We use Adtoma Fusion as our ad handling system (adserver) and the guidelines below are written to work in this system.

We use friendly iframes as our way of delivery.

- It is not allowed to breach out from iframe (frame busting).
Contact Adops if the format demands it.
- Animation of elements may not exceed 30 seconds.
- Ad materials have to start rendering of visual elements within 0.5 seconds
- Average processor usage has to be a maximum of 30%, with a maximal peak fo 60%.

HTML5 click counting

To enable that measuring of clicks works in our ad-system ad script file must be included in index.html:
<script src="https://fusion.adtoma.com/spl/html5clickcount.js"></script>
The script has to load before refrences to the "clickTag" variable is done.

Tha ad-systems click counter and the ad page will be handed to a javascript varable called clickTag, wich the ad material is referred to when clicking.

Two scenarios is described below. The first is if the url is to be administrated by the ad-system and the other if the link is hard coded in the ad materials html- or JavaScript code.

1) The link is handled by the ad-system

This means that Ad-ops easily can change the link when necessary without the materials html-code has to be updated.

All linking references has to be changed so that they use the variable clickTag instead:

window.open("http://www.annonsor.se/sektion/", "_blank");

This is to be altered to:

window.open(clickTag, "_blank");

If you various different destination links in the ad material, use clickTag2, clickTag3 etc.

2) The link is hard coded in the matiera
This can be necessary if the link is dynamic
Then the clickTag parmeter be added before the link:

window.open(clickTag+"http://www.annonsor.se/sektion/", "_blank");

Or like this:

window.open(clickTag+dynamicUrlObject, "_blank");

If the destionation link contains special characters such as ? or & the link has to be URL-encoded:

window.open(clickTag+encodeURIComponent("http://www.annonsor.se/sektion/?var1=value1&var2=value2"), "_blank");

Notify Adops if the link is hard coded in the ad material.

DN.se - Desktop

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Checklist for publishing of Alcohol ads

Detailed information about checklist for publishing of alcohol ads

The checklist is valid for all ads that DN accepts no matter where it is published.

General rule
Marketing of alcoholic beverages are not to be pushy, outreaching or inviting to use of alcohol.

Pharmaceutical ads

Information about pharmaceutical ads - What is applicable regarding marketing of drugs, prescribed, OTC's and herbal remedies: